Friday, 31 August 2018

My learning journal term 3

This is a slide about my learning stuff. I just changed my picture because of strangers knowing my face. I included my learning about reading, maths and writing.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

M.A.D about Endangered animals

This is another DLO about an endangered animal. I did the blue whale because it's the only endangered animal that I can draw. (Not including birds, reptiles and fish.)

Dawn raids

This is a DLO about dawn raids. Who were the Polynesian Panthers and what they did.

Back to the 70's

This is a DLO I created about the 1970's. I made a slide about cars that were used in the 70's. Also made a timeline about it.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Maths, maths and of course, more maths

This week, on Monday, we learned about BODMAS (BEDMAS). It taught us the order to solve problems. (Brackets, exponent, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.) I liked the part when we had to walk the book to the teacher.

When we learnt about BEDMAS we did a mathletics challenge. We worked in groups and whenever we finish a question, one person in the group had to fast walk to our teacher to get it marked. (Not running, walking with purpose.)

Friday, 3 August 2018

Cook Island language week

This week, we learnt about Cook Island languages, the islands and a little bit about how the language is getting used lesser. Jadarose's mother taught us the how to say hello, thank you and goodbye. She also taught us a dance. (I didn't participate because I freaked out and started bawling my eyes).

My Garden

At Garden to Table, we learned about what to grow during Maori new year (Matariki). We learnt that root plants are best to grow during Matariki. We also created our own garden, here is the link: ( Here is how my one looked like

Blog profile

Hello, my name is Isaac and I go to Owairaka school. My favourite food is roast beef with salad and gravy. Most time I

Crustacean report

This here, is a report about crustaceans. I included their diet and how they look like.

Tae Kwon Do

On Wednesday, Room 25 did Tae Kwon Do. (We started last week). We did some punching and kicking. We also did this kind of game-like thing where you hold a pad (or mit, as I call it) and punch it across to your partner.
We had a lot of fun there and we enjoyed doing some Tae Kwon Do.
(Phillip kicking the pad I was holding.)

Film festival

Yesterday, Thursday, Kauri team took a bus to Auckland city to watch 12 (I think) films at the Civic Center. My favourite one is the last one, it was about this girl, she lost a hamster and she went to this old lady's room and showed her the picture of the hamster (she drew it herself) and I liked it because it was just sweet when the old lady lost her pet bird and got it back. It was also a bit funny. (V this is the film, it's called "Outdoors").