Tuesday, 21 March 2017

My Timeline

Friday, 10 March 2017

My Green Day story

 “Why do I have to be left on the ground like I’m not anything why can’t i be with the others”. “All this time in the sun and getting stepped on one by one” I waited for hours and hours in the sun with my body on the scorching ground “AHHHHHHH HOT HOT HOT!!!” i yelled and tried to get to the shadow but I couldn’t move “COME ON WHY AM I A PLASTIC BAG”.
1 hour later I was loafing around over burnt until someone picked me up and threw me into the shade. I waited and suddenly a bell rang and gave me a jump and there in the distance I see something charging as they came closer I saw it a whole bunch of humans “....NONONONONO AHHH PLEASE” again I tried to get away one of them threw me in a yellow gigantic tin inside I see other rubbish (song of joy song) “Yay finally I’m almost there” until I flew past it (song stops) “Oh My Gosh” “really”. I was about to fall until the wind blew me to the swimming pool “This is even worse” “birds BIRDS” “THERE GONNA PECK ME” I fell into the pool and the elder bird came grabbed me on the handle and flew away soon I saw other birds. “I’m gonna get eaten” I thought and there I landed on the nest the biggest chick came to me and about to swallow when me tree shook and the chick let go and there I am falling into a rubbish bin the yellow one. “Yessssss” and I fell in chatted with the others and fell asleep. After school something shook the rubbish bin and we were getting carried away forward I saw a gigantic machine with other bins our bin got carried into the dump. There a whole lot of us the men threw us in the dump and it was peace finally no more getting stepped on. (meanwhile the rubbish who got left behind at the school was the same) “ah aH

Ah AH” yelled the rubbish who got left behind “SOMEONE HELP ME”. While I was at the dump it was so peaceful but also we have little trouble now. Rats Insects such as flies Rats were ripping us and breaking while flies were eating things that was left over in us as we sat in our spot lucky me I was at the ground covered by others. 7 years later I’m still at the dump “I wish I could move” I thought to myself I really don’t want to wait in here I want to moooove. “Just staying couldn’t move” I whispered to myself “I’m still here still couldn’t move don’t look for me I’m just at the floor of the dump”. “Hey you there” someone was talking “huh?” “over here on the left”  I looked to the left there he was “hey wondering what my name is? It’s Rory” “Hey Rory” I said in the tired sort of boring voice *Rory slaps me*  “OW WHAT IS IN YOU RORY!” I yelled in a crazy voice “Bro calm down” said another voice *looks behind* I know I know Rory always does that always make rubbish going crazy By the way I’m