Friday, 28 September 2018

My speech

What suffocate’s thousands of creatures?
What blocks drains and contaminates the ocean and fields?
Is it plastic? Or is it because of people?
Here is the answer and it might shock you...
Both, people and plastic.
I’m here to talk to you about why people NEED to stop littering all over the land and ocean.
One reason is because it kills 100 million creatures every year and threatens extinction to some animals. It can harm people that eat creatures that ate plastic. It all starts off when somebody drops a plastic bag or any other rubbish on the land. It could’ve saved thousands of creatures if only that person put the rubbish in the bin instead.

                 How ancient are plastic bags?
The material plastic has already been here for more than a century. Sten Gustaf, used plastic and introduced plastic bags to the world. He made it for a purpose, to make carrying things around easier and making the bag able to last long enough for people to keep using it. The only problem was, people didn’t reuse it, he also did not notice that it could murder 100 million creatures. When more people started using it, they became careless, drop them all around the land. It has murdered millions of creatures.
                      Impact on turtles.
An example are turtles, they see plastic bags as jellyfish. They eat the plastic bag and guess what happens? They die, not quickly, but slow and painfully. That, can make turtles go extinct, they already are endangered yet, people still use plastic bags. If people keep using plastic, one day turtles will be “dead as a dodo”. One day we might have to change it into “dead as a turtle”.

                          Impact on birds.
Birds also think it’s food. So they do just about anything to eat the plastic and meet the grim reaper. People have found birds with their stomach all filled up with plastic caps, bags, straws, cans and even pieces of metal. Sometimes the bird survives and feeds it’s chicks, just to find it sprawled on the sand or rock, motionless and lifeless.

                     Plastic in the ocean.
Plastics have also sailed all over the ocean. Literally. Plastic has been in in the Mariana trench, deepest part of the ocean. Even the dumbo octopus, angler fish, giant isopod/amphipod, weird “ghost snailfish” have eaten plastic. This proves that plastic has literally been all over the ocean. It’s already bad enough isn’t it? Yet, we still use plastic. Everyday, approximately 8 million plastics find their way to the ocean. It also takes plastic about 500-1000 years to decay. So if all plastic takes 1000 years to decay and there are 8 mill plastic in the ocean, it might take… (Help where’s the calculator?) 800 million years.  People from 3018 can find the plastic that we used… Expect there might not be 3018....

                        Burning plastic.
People also smolder plastic, which harms the air. It releases carbon dioxide, sometimes methane and other toxins. If we continue like this, we’re going to regret it because we’re going to suffocate slowly. Incinerating plastic also causes global warming. The chemicals can burn the ice and make the Earth flood. That, is how humans can be extinct along with trillions of other creatures. I’m pretty sure the guy in River Styx will say: “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”.

Now I’m going to ask you for your opinion, are you going to continue using plastic and destroy the environment, or are you going to stop using plastic and ask others to stop too? I hope you stop… Or you will regret it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This term we were learning about descriptive writing. Here is my very own speech. I created it to try stop people using plastic and littering. The only problem is, I don't have the guts to share it in front of people.

Even tho I didn't get to the semi-finals, I don't really care.

Are you persuaded by the speech?

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Dawn raids DLO (part.2)

My DLO about Dawn Raids.

I also created the scene about the raid on the outside view. I also created a link to the people that changed the world (Martin Luther King, Kate Sheppard and Walt Disney).

Space Invaders, Reborn! (There's no such thing yet, I just released my creativity).

Here it is, my very own spacey.

 Instead of making a squid or stuff like that, I decided to make a combination. I added a robot from Gundam (remember the cyclops one with the red eye?) Then I took the eye and the colour and combined it with a UFO-squid.

Also, try to find the pattern. Here is the start, 1,1,2,3,5... Try find the rest (it's hard unless you know about the Fibonacci pattern).

Fibonacci Spiral art

I created and finished my Fibonacci Spiral. It's based on the Fibonacci's pattern (1,1,2,3,5,8...) Since the pattern can be found in nature, I decided to created my dream place (I like trees and plants).

 I also added a few Easter eggs which include slender man (almost impossible to find because of the light) and my ROBLOX avatar (blue arm, blue leg the rest, black).

Maths Gameboard

Here it is, a digital board game. Every single question is a division sum by the way. You also HAVE to follow the rules or it isn't going to work out well.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Visit from Tigilau Ness.

Today, the whole Kauri team went to an assembly. Room 25 invited a member of the Polynesian Panthers, Tigilau, the father of Che Fu (yep, Che Fu) to talk with us. He was one of the many that fought against racism in accepted our invitation and visited us.

Then he started talking about his experience during the 70's, what the Polynesian Panthers did and what it felt like getting raided. Though, he never got raided, people who were related to him had been raided.

 One thing that shocked me was, he got expelled from Mt Albert Grammar School (MAGS). The reason he got expelled was, his hair, which was a giant Afro, he wouldn't cut his hair and tried explaining the reason, the headmaster did not understand and he stormed off. 

He joined the Polynesian Panthers when he was 17. Then he started fighting for what he believed was right and he got arrested. He went to prison for 9 months (it could've felt like forever because of boredom). 

He also did some songs that the Polynesian Panthers did while protesting. After that song, he shared another song that he created after a 12 year old girl died in a fire. The song is called "Girl who I never knew"