Friday, 13 April 2018

My Learning Journal

This is my learning journal, it's about what I find hard, easy and how I act in class.
It's all about the things I find hard and easy.

I am poem

A few months ago I did a poem, take a look:


I am a small and quiet boy who loves sea creatures.
I wonder how life was formed.
I hear the deep, deafening whale song.
I see whales drifting slowly with the soft current.
I want to be an explorer.
I am a small and quite boy who loves sea creatures.

I pretend I am a blood red colossal squid.
I feel the strong pressure of the ocean.
I touch the scaly, orange fish.
I worry about extinction.
I cry when a creature goes extinct.
I am a small and quite boy who loves sea creatures.

I understand I can’t stay forever.
I say we should stop using plastic.
I dream about dragons.
I try to get better at maths.
I hope we stop using plastic.

I am a small and quite boy who loves sea creatures.
So, what do you think? Challenge: try do a poem with this layout.

Area and Perimeter robot

We have been doing more Area and Perimeter. This time we used it to design a robot (I designed a ROBLOX noob). It is similar to the bedroom but we got to make it into a humanoid (or animal).

I'm proud of this work because I tried my hardest to do the maths and body.

I have another challenge: try make a shark and do the maths.

Area & Perimeter bedroom

We have been doing Perimeter and Area. To work out the Perimeter you add the length and width and times the total by 2. The area is similar, just times the top and side and you'll get the area.

I enjoyed doing this because I got to design things and do maths at the same time.
I recommend you doing this activity because 1. You get to get better at Area and Perimeter. 2. You get to design your things. (Top = second floor. bottom = first floor.) Challenge: try design a house.