Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Ocean Animation (fully finished)

Here is the fully finished no more updates it's finished it's just about sea creatures. So if you don't like sea creatures then don't watch this (this is pretty much about eat or be eaten and its a bit... dark). 

Monday, 25 September 2017

Mindcraft the muscial

Minecraft the musical.

So it started out with the ender dragon trying to mind control everyone and make them it’s slave. First the ender dragon was frustrated by the laughing and happiness so it tried to mind control it (I think that’s why it wants to mindcontrol.) Then at the human world there was a boy called Joe. At night he was listening to one of the ender dragons songs and at the morning his sister found out he was awake at the middle of the night. Then the mom comes in asking for something (forgot what it was) and found out that Joe has also opened a packet of chips and ate quite a lot of the chips. Then the dad came in looking for his charger because his phone is out of battery. (He also sneeze a lot) Then later Marion (the grandma) came home with Scratch (the dog) and sits down and then the children were so obsessed with their iphones and they didn’t even look at the gran.  Then the dad turns on his chromebook and saw a mail that someone he didn’t know sent him. It asked for his personal stuff and then they would send him like around a million dollars to him but he knew it was a scam. Then Joe saw something on his phone screen and it said “Click here to meet your master!” He didn’t care if it was a scam so he clicked it then the TV started sucking him in. Everyone (except for gran which had no idea what was going on) was trying to pull Joe out but then the dad sneezed and let go of Joe then they all got sucked into the TV. Written by Rachel Sutherland. In association with '

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

High diving giraffes

I was so excited. I got to go dive from a 10 meters high place! I have to be on the top three I have been swimming since I was 6. By now I have had 256 swimming lessons. I must pass this. I went to the top of the stairs and I saw a giraffe dive down in a cannon ball position. My stomach felt like a caterpillar crunching it. Finally it was my turn I was so nervous that I might fail. I looked down and I already felt dizzy. It was higher than I thought. I jumped and curled myself up and left my arms open like a jelly fish. I fell in the water and it felt like as if I smashed through ice. I swam up to take a breath I didn’t feel nervous anymore. I waited and waited till it’s my turn and now there was a giraffe hanging on the ceiling. I jumped and hooked onto the giraffe and made myself look like a turtle shell. I smashed the water and I felt the pressure it felt like my nose was getting crushed and I swam to the surface as quick as I can before the pressure crushes my bones. I tried again but there is two giraffes on the ceiling now. Two giraffes a time so I went with a giraffe and I took the giraffe that just came on the ceiling and shaped myself into a sleek serpent shape and hit the water. It didn’t hurt as much as last time. I waited till it’s my turn again and jumped and once I hit the water the bell rang then I wriggled like a snake to the surface. Today was the most exciting day ever.

This is just a funny, unbelievable story about me as a diving giraffe.
1 Truth… 3 fibs in the holidays…

I played ROBLOX and almost got my account almost hacked by a roblox FAKE guest  “Guest_78659”.

I played with my brother but ended up fighting like crazy when playing tag at Owairaka Park.

My brother Ivan had to restart his ROBLOX account because he logged out and forgot his password and got frustrated.

I went to a restaurant called Paradise and ate 3 whole lamb chops and an onion that was raw.

Good luck trying to find the real one comment below your answer.

Should we stop killing freshwater animals?

Ok this is all about freshwater creatures and not much about other creatures. By the way my name is Isaac and I have a question, do you want freshwater creatures such as the Hippo, Manatee and American crocodile to live? Well some fresh water creatures died because of us. The Hydrodamalis Gigas which is a manatee that can grow to 3 - 7.5 meters when adult. Same as the otter known as the Sea mink is already extinct during the last hundred years. Do you think we should stop? Well today I am going to talk about these endangered/extinct freshwater animals and how we can stop other freshwater creatures becoming the same.

Firstly the Hydrodamalis gigas known as Steller’s sea cow is a giant Manatee that is adorable and harmless. It got killed and eaten to extinction by humans just because they were tasty. It’s just sad right? We don’t want to continue like this or else all freshwater creatures will be extinct. This has happened to a lot of creatures already like the Amazon river dolphin, Sea mink, Hydrodamalis gigas( I already said) and New Zealand grayling. There are quite a lot of different Manatee species that have gone missing in this planet all caused by us. Also more and more Manatee’s are disappearing. Also why do we still do this when we all know that the cute Manatee is almost extinct. I don’t know how to stop this but we just have to give up killing them.

Secondly if we still do this then we couldn’t research about them and most of the creatures I just talked about is like forever forgotten. Because we couldn’t research about them. If we do more research then we could get the future people to understand about them more and more until we could know almost everything about them. Also this is rare for fishes. There is a lot of trouts around the world right? But this trout known as the NZ(New Zealand) grayling is extinct! All eaten by creatures and humans. It’s just odd this trout specie is extinct. The creatures and humans kept eaten them it's because they are like the best fish for dinner but unluckily they had it all themselves which is selfish.

Finally the manatee is close to extinction like the Hydrodamalis gigas and the hippo and the american crocodile is also the same as the manatee. The Earth is 70% saltwater and only 3% fresh water and all these creatures realie on fresh water and the world is only 3%. It’s a huge world and only 3% is freshwater and tons of creatures including us realie on freshwater. But why don’t we just stop killing freshwater and eat some sardine's or other creatures that are not close extinction like sardines and other fish. Why do we only kill like endangered creatures when we know there are almost none of them left. We have to stop now or otherwise it’s too late and everything that happened to the sea mink, Hydrodamalis gigas, NZ grayling and Amazon river dolphin will happen to the other freshwater creatures. Now do you think we should continue killing more and more freshwater creatures or do you think we should stop? It’s your choice.