Wednesday, 27 June 2018


This is a DLO (Digital Learning Object) about bees. Inside this slide, it has facts about bees like diet, how they look like and where they live.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Matariki DLO

This is my Matariki DLO. I put in some facts and included a menu. I also added facts about the stars, their names and what to grow.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Matariki celebrations

Today at the kitchen we made some Maori fry bread. To make the Maori fry bread, it's simple, get some dough and water and mix it. Instead of doing the traditional way by using animal fat, we used oil. I thought it would taste nice but, to be honest, I didn't taste anything until I added some butter.
Me, Zac and Jaz cut the dough into small pieces so it looks like bread when we cooked it in oil.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Cross country

A few weeks ago, we had cross country. It was, surprisingly, fun. We did a loop around our school and Murray Halberg Park and back to school. I ended up 9th place.

3rd place year 6 boys: Phillip
2nd place year 6 boys: Isiah
1st place year 6 boys: Solomon

3rd place year 6 girls: Frankie
2nd place year 6 girls: Lisha
1st place year 6 girls: Claire

These were the top 6 year 6 racers.

Bigfoot bikes

This week we had a group called Bigfoot Bikes come into our school to teach us about how to be safe on a bike. We had a ton of fun while doing challenges and learning about bike safety. We loved the game at the end.

We have learnt how to be safe on the bike and we even have done some writing about it. Watch out for them, they are coming soon.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Samoan Language Week

This week the school has been celebrating Samoan Language Week. We got to learn some words in Samoan, some Samoan food and games. Hamida (Jadarose's mother) has a cousin. We don't really know his name but she calls him Falete (which means friend). Falete teached us how to scrape coconut flesh. So in Samoa, they have this type of tool for scraping coconut flesh out. I forgot what it is called but it looks like a plank with a blade that looks like a pizza cutter on one end. When Falete started scraping the flesh, he used his thumbs to grab two holes on the coconut. He put one end of the coconut on the wood, and another near the cutter. Then he started moving it up and down, side by side a little. When he showed the inside of the coconut, he fascinated all of us. The inside of the coconut was completely out of flesh. Next they got another coconut and they taught Digby, Sumaya and Murat how to shave a coconut.

Falete showing us the coconut he shaved.