Thursday, 7 December 2017

Google earth.

I researched these places I found on google earth.

Mariana trench

This is about the Mariana trench.

Elderly text

Hello, my name is Isaac. I’m a ten year old boy and I go to Owairaka School in Auckland. At christmas I’m going to “Hot water beach”. I hope you will have a very good time at christmas. I really want peoples to have a good time so I wrote this to impress you a little bit. I really hope your friends will look after you if your left alone. I also left this joke if it will impress you: Q. What do snowmans like to do at the weekend? A. Chill out. I really hope you are lucky. Another joke is: Q. Why does Santa have 3 garden plots up at the North pole? A. That way he can hoe, hoe hoe.

Well hope you have a very nice time.

I did this because sometimes elder peoples are lonely at Christmas so I made this card.