Thursday, 8 November 2018

Athletics 2018

On Tuesday, we had athletics. We had to do high jump, long jump, discus, shot put and running.
I ran the 800 meters (it was exhausting, I don't know what place I came) and in the 100 meters race I came 4th or 5th.

The worst thing about it was, I had a bloody nose in the middle of running and had to stop because I started panicking. 

It took about 10-15 minutes to walk to Lovelock track (or something) from our school. When we finished athletics, we had to walk back to school and trust me, nobody liked it.
Me at the back, before I got to the front.

Me on my second lap, it was exhausting.


  1. Kia ora, isaac. my name is AJ form owairaka district school. nice blog post about the athletics. I remember when I did the 800 meters I couldn't believe I survived that! what was your favourite activity?
    thx for sharing your learning and hope I see more of your posts.

    you can check out my blog at:

    btw: thx for your comment on my blog

  2. Konichiwa AJ, my favourite activity is athletics, tbh I can't believe I survived that too lmao.

    Thanks for commenting.


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