Friday, 23 November 2018

My Visual Description

The gigantic bird
The bird has a huge, horizontal oval shaped torso. The bird’s neck is a long and starts of large and starts to get smaller.

Its tall, thick legs are similar to chicken legs but larger. It has a huge, bird-like feet with three sharp claws for digging up its prey.

The head is a half circle with a short, large beak that curves down. The eyes are small.

The bird can grow over 2 meters tall, they are normally dark brown with a feathery body.

It went extinct over a hundred years ago due to over hunting.
This is my visual description, try draw it.

Here is Alyzae's attempt to draw my bird: 


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  2. Hi Isaac, it's me Jack from Rm7. When you said slender neck you scared me because I thought about Slender man. It sounds really scary and was it really Real? Because I want to see a picture. Can you tell me the name of this instinct giant bird? Compare to me how tall is it? is it up to my shoulder?
    Or up to my knees? I want to find out.

    Blog you later.

    1. Hello Jack, yes, the bird was real. The bird was over 2 meters tall, about double your size. I'll give you a clue about what it is, it lived in NZ.

  3. Hi Isaac, I am Licha from Room 8. I like your piece of writing, it sure must be quite big. WOW ! if you would like to see my learning my blog address is
    Blog ya later 😊

    1. Hello Licha, yup, it was one of the largest birds. Thank you for commenting.


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